Paki Hot Girl, Pakistani Lahori Girl Sleeping Picture

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pakistani Lahori Girl Sleeping Picture

Pakistani Lahori Girl Sleeping Picture
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Paki Desi Girl, Pakistani Girl Ready For Picture

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Pakistani Girl

Pakistani Girl Ready For Picture
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Hairstyle Fashion 2011 - Long Straight Hairstyles

Friday, December 17, 2010

Hairstyle Fashion 2011, Avril Lavigne hairstyles are duplicated by thousands of teenage girl fans of this young singer, who is known for her trendy sense of fashion. In addition to her music, her hairstyle has inspired many as the perfect example of the beauty of healthy, long hair. As a natural blond Avril Lavigne hairstyles show the full impact of this hair color and belong to the long straight hairstyles.

Avril Lavigne With Blonde Pink Hairstyle Color

Although she makes it clear that she adores her hair color, she has also used highlights on several occasions, and has experimented with different looks. For instance in fashion 2010, one of the most popularAvril Lavigne hairstyles was where her long hair was parted a bit off-center with wild pink streaks in the front. This hairstyle drew a lot of attention, causing a stir wherever she appeared. Sporting this long, straight layered hairstyle that ended at her bust line turned quite a few heads.

Avril Lavigne With Wavy Hairstyles

At one of her recent CD release parties, the pick of the Avril Lavigne hairstyle was a bit shorter. In this long straight hairstyle, her hair was accented with pink color at the ends of her hair that framed her face. The layers increased the volume in the crown of the head, but were about 2 inches shorter than before. Styled without a part, the focus was on here beautiful facial features with the front hair combed upward instead of being allowed to fall as fringe bangs. For women with long hair who dare to be a little different, Avril Lavigne hairstyles are a good starting point for revving up your style.

Avril Lavigne With Long Straight Hairstyles
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Hair Styles 2010, Hair Trend 2011

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hair Trend 2011

Hair Trend 2011, The start of a new year marks the opportunity for redefining one's outlook on the next 12 months. And what better way to do it then through a new hair cut, hair style, or hair colour?

Read on to discover all of 2010's hair trends, hair style trends, and hair colour trends. And don't forget, if you'd like to keep up to date with all of 2010's hair trends and 2010 fashion trends.

2010 hairstyle trends will feature a lot of new looks: there are the new hair trend heavily influenced by the recent Spring 2010 catwalks, and there are the reworkings and evolutions of last year's hair trends. Below are's top picks for hair styles in 2010, with seasonal styles alongside looks for hair from short to long. For more on hair cut trends keep reading.
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Miss Bikini 2010, Sara Carbonero Bikini

bikini hot

Come Spring 2010 we're all going to be eager to hit the beach. But whether you're soaking up the sun in Majorca or on the Venice Lido, the most important decision won't be the SPF of your sun tan lotion, but which swimwear pieces and bikinis women will choose be wearing?

Cut-Away Swimwear / Bikinis

Taking their cues from the cutaway clothing trend, cutaway monokinis are the must have piece for 2010. Infrequently demure, this is the one bikini trend that isn't for the wall flower but can be styled to ooze both sex and sophistication without ever saying 'easy'.

  1. Not as tightly fitting as other 'spray on' monokinis this season, Amanda Wakeley's white one-piece pairs a deep neck line with cut-away sides.
  2. A two-piece with boob-tube, this bikini by Carmen Marc uses the cut-away trend with subtlety. All the same, these cutaway briefs are more than eye catching.
  3. A monokini by Carmen Marc, this swimwear piece is equally as subtle as the aforementioned two-piece, but far more demure.
  4. Similar to Amanda Wakeley's white one-piece (1) this screen-printed monokini is from Miss Sixty.
  5. The most luxurious of the pieces featured, this almost-two-piece monokini from Gottex pairs a halter-neck top, joined briefs, and gold piping.
  6. - 10. are all from the one catwalk which screamed sex, decadence, and youth; the one catwalk that really grabbed my eye at New York Fashion Week; Herv?© L?©ger by Max Azria Spring/Summer 2009. With enough cut-away than you can possibly wear throughout Summer, these are knock-out pieces that you're not necessarily going to want to get wet.

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